Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Comic #1

I'm not much of a writer but i like drawing ^_^

Meiz ^_^

Monday, September 1, 2008

Selamat Hari Merdeka to all Malaysians ^_^

Yea... I know it's a bit late... 24 hours late that is to wish Happy Merdeka's Day. 31 August 2008, the memorable date for every Malaysian (still... I hope... Otherwise, go study your History again!!!)

It was MiniMei's craft sale at BSC, WIP... Nothing extravagant, something simple, yet sweet and cute :) I checked it out and what they did were awesome. The team had made lil' crafty stuff like batik note books, hand-painted shot glasses and glass cups with a cactus in it ^_^.

Do you see MiniMei's and Dennis' artwork and crafts? Those pretty lil' things... ^_^

Gambatte in the fund-raising phase ^_^

:D They sell 2nd hand books too... They seemed to be pretty attractive too xD

Awww... MiniMei... TWO THUMBS UP for ya for being sucha' angel... I wouldn't move a finger at home >D I should follow your footsteps sometime soon... (Hopefully its sooner... >_<") And of course, Milocuppy, for bringing up those RM 1 books from the car xD. The spirit of giving (to the poor) must have given you the strength to carry those heavy books all by yourself xP tee hee... And thx for passing me the Merck Manual too by the way ^_^ A big round of applause to the Raleigh International Team for leading a hand to help the poor... It's a good thing that some one, some where, on earth still cares about helping the less fortunate... My words of appreciation cannot thank you enough for what you have done.... I salute to you ^_^
See I support them too ^_^
From L-R: MiniMei, Me, MiloCuppy :D

~Over and out~

Random shot ?! xDDLook! MiniMei at work xD Gambatte all!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

My first post on Bloggers

Im not a reader nor a good writer... but i like to published random thoughts once in awhile :D
More updates to come if im hardworking enuff to do so...


On the same note, if anyone hangin' around KL, Bangsar area do drop by Bangsar Shopping Center from 11am to 6 pm at WIP to purchase some fine crafts done by MiniMei and her dynamic duo, MiloCuppy. The intend to raise fund for the poor living over at Borneo. Do give them support! ^_^